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Digital Die Cutting


Digital Die Cuting: Made to the Shape of Your Imagination

At A.J. Bart, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful print that gets noticed. And our die-cutting capabilities give you a way to push beyond two dimensions, to create dimensional pieces that command attention. With high-speed digital registration and powerful routing and knife cutting capabilities, our digital router/die cutter can cut everything from simple lettering and shapes, custom promotional products, in-store fixtures and displays, to interior/exterior signage on a variety of substrates on a fast, wide-format sheet-fed cutting platform. And with a system that identifies and corrects distortions in digitally printed images, your project will be cut exactly, cleanly and in less time than you might have imagined.

When it comes to bringing your big idea to life, we can cut it. Let us help you create your next project with a creative die cut and watch your product sales grow dimensionally.



  • Handles a broad range of materials:
  • Metals such as Aluminum, Brass, Copper & Zinc
  • Plastics
  • Timber
  • Foam
  • Vinyl
  • Composites such as Graphite, Phenolic, Kevlar
  • Minimal set-up and turnaround time.
  • Corrects any distortions and accurately cuts the images exactly as needed.
  • Equipped with automated control cutting technology.
  • Compatible with virtually all industry standard CAD/CAM software such as FlexiSign, Illustrator, Corel Draw!, Enroute and many more!
  • Maximum size of 5’x10′ and up to 2″ thick.




Point-of-Purchase Displays

  • Rigid POP displays
  • In-store promotions
  • Banners

Indoor Graphics

  • Visual branding solutions
  • POP displays and posters
  • Exhibition and event banners
  • Floor and window graphics

Outdoor Graphics

  • Building coverings and wraps
  • Banners
  • Double-sided applications
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Fleet graphics